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Carpet Cleaning –

We use a 5 step method to clean your carpets thoroughly. Firstly we dry vacuum the carpets ,then we pre-spray the carpets with a chemical that is used to bring dirt to the top. We then agitate the carpets using a Pile brush which safely scrubs the carpets and removes any stubborn soiling / traffic marks which may of occurred.  Then we use our top of the range Hot water extraction machines to clean the carpets , Lastly we deodorise the carpets leaving them smelling clean and fresh.

Upholstery cleaning –

Upholstery cleaning is a very specialised and delicate job. We use top of the range machines and methods to get your upholstery looking great . Sofas are used daily and are where the majority of the family relax after a long hard day. Sofas are used whilst eating , whilst drinking , and the majority of heavy stains end up on the upholstery leaving oily and greasy marks behind. Upholstery is mainly fabric based and when you think how often you wash your clothing made of similar fabrics , we forget to clean the sofas.

Stain removal –

Stain removal is tricky and without the use of the right chemical you can lock in a stain and make it impossible for a professional to remove it . When spending hundreds to thousands on a carpet , why ruin it with the use of a cheap supermarket stain remover?. We advise customers on what not to use on there type of carpet as well as give thorough and up to date information on if a stain can be removed and how we are going to do it with the least damage and risk to your carpet. Because although we would love to have a magic wand sometimes the damage is done.


Stain Protection –

We offer a stain protection service , using the industry’s top stain protection chemicals we can ensure that your carpets & upholstery are protected between professional cleans. This can add 30 minutes to 1 hour on top of your original cleaning time depending on the job in hand.

Odour control –

Pet smells? Musty carpets ? smoke damaged ? . We have a range of odour controlling and neutralising chemicals in which treat certain things. Please ask us for more info or ask your carpet technitian during the day of your clean.